Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Are We There Yet?

As I'm sitting here watching the snow fall down, waiting for my work to call to let me know if I'm going in or not, all I keep thinking about is Walt Disney World. Yes WORLD, no no, not Land. (excuse that.. ahem.) My count down says I'm leaving in 14 days, 15 hours and 49 minutes. Although by the time I get this post done, it'll be THATMUCHCLOSER. Can you tell I'm excited?

So anyways, as I was blogging, (as Brian likes to say, I'm a big blogger. As in, I read a lot of blogs. Daily, hourly, you know, procrastinating from my school life & such.) I came upon a new blog (another one to add to the list -- which actually doesn't happen very often) they were talking about how they went to WDW ... this was back in November (I was snooping through their Archives). WDW is everywhere.

I'll leave you with this video to be jealous ...

Brian (hi Brian!) really wants to go on this Trek, he's been oohing  & ahhing over it for the last 3 weeks. (actually more!) It looks really amazing. The one downside is the PRICE. It's $129.00 per person for a 3 1/2 hours walking trek through the Savanna. And that price is going up to $189.00 just after we leave WDW. Also a few reviews say that it's very similar to the free Savanna adventure you can take in the Animal Kingdom park. I think we're going to decide when we get there.

14 days to go. [+ 14 hours & 53 minutes. This is what happens when I start watching you tube videos]

Behind The Scenes: Wild Africa Trek video from You Tube

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