Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Educate Me

If someone were to ask me rightthisveryminute what my interests are, I would tell them design. Interior design to be exact. I wouldn't blink. It would spurt out of my mouth without a second thought.
I mean, if you gave me a minute, then, I'd also add cooking/baking, reading, and watching tv. Haha. Oh tv, why were you invented? Though, it IS a fantastic invention, it takes hours from my day (this issue is getting better as months go on, woo!). I'm off track.

Ask me what I'm doing in university, I'll proudly tell you I'm completing my degree in Human Resources and Industrial Relations. This has changed from my original major of Accounting. I never actually declared my major with my university at that point, but I did think that was exactly what I wanted to do. For. The. Rest. Of. My. Life. Then at work I became more and more involved in the training and development of new hires (and actually hiring and orientating them) and I loved it. I do not want to sit in a desk for hours on end crunching numbers.  I do not want to be in a cube. I want to move. I want to explore. I want to make things. I want to get things done.

Ask me approximately 10 years ago what I want to be when I grew up. I would tell you "I'm going to be an interior designer".

I bet you're now wondering why I didn't go into that field. Why I went into business. Why did I waste 4 years (actually ... it's 5 and half -- that's another story!) of my life studying in a field I didn't imagine myself being in at 12 years old. And I wouldn't be able to tell you. Maybe because reality struck (10 years ago I was 12) and I knew it would be difficult to actually become a fantastic interior designer, and impress many. Maybe it was because I didn't feel I could actually do it. Or maybe, just maybe, I thought it was a faze. But here I am, at the age of 22, about to finish my university degree in less than a year, and I still obsess (yes, obsess) over what colour I'm going to paint my walls, or what odd&end I want sitting on a shelf -- heck, what shelf I want! But yet, I'm going into a completely different field.

So did I go in the wrong direction? I don't think so. I'm very much interested in what my field is, and what I can make of it. So I don't think I made the wrong choice, wasted 5 years and loads of money. But I do think I learned something. I learned that I can always change what I want to make of my life. So if it's just loving interior design in my own home, and changing and decorating things in my home. Then that's exactly what I'll do. And maybe one day, I'll end up in the design field in some aspect. Everyone needs an HR Manager at some point right?

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