Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cheesey Gluey-ness

First, tell your boyfriend the day before to save some of those peppers that are cut up in the fridge so you can have omelets all week.

The next day when you're procrastinating from studying at 3pm, and you realize you haven't eaten anything all day, remember it was a good thing you didn't make those omelets because quesadillas are on the menu for the night.

Quesadillas are a good leftover menu item. You know, after you've roasted that chicken and you have all this left over meat, and you don't want to make soup because it's in the middle of the summer. You make quesadillas. Well, there are other things you can of course make. But quesadillas always come to my mind when I purchase make a roasted chicken.

But tonight, it was on the menu. No look-I-made-it-myself roasted chicken. Just some frozen chicken you almost forgot to thaw in the morning.

If you're using roasted chicken, please proceed to step __.

Realize these aren't numbered.

Cook the chicken in a pan with olive oil, and flip when needed.

Forget to take a picture of said pan with said chicken. Realize it doesn't matter because no one reads this anyways.

Cut the chicken very thin, then in cubes. (That don't resemble cubes, because why would they?)

Put everything back into the pan because you're a scared-y cat and afraid you're going to kill yourself from eating not-cooked chicken. Include the peppers.

Let that saute. Use big words like saute so you feel like a chef.

Add some Parmesan cheese to the mix, because you found it in the fridge when you were looking for garlic. (That you didn't have. Or maybe you did, add some in.)

Take out a pan, and aluminum foil, and tortillas of an unknown famous company. OXYMORON .... Ahem.

Put the chicken/pepper and whatever-else-you-have-added mixture on top.

Don't forget the cheese. It's the glue that holds this whole thing together. Eat some first. (DO IT!) Realize you need more glue cheese.

Turn the oven on at some point up (^) there. I turned my oven to 325 degrees. That's probably too high. But I'm impatient when it comes to waiting for cheese to melt.

Sit on the coach with the oven still on and the quesadillas ready, wait for your boyfriend to get home with the salsa because you like eating with him.

Show your boyfriend how good of a chef you are because you sandwiched chicken and cheese between tortillas and poured salsa and sour cream on it.


  1. This is hilarious! and yummy sounding :) Totally relatable way to cook.. at least for me :)

  2. Hey Amanda! Yummy Chicken! Thanks for visiting my blog - I just posted a link to the Young House Love show.....


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