Thursday, January 6, 2011

I'm Eying You

Does "eying" look funny to you? I originally spelled it eyeing, but the Firefox dictionary says its wrong to spell it that way. I mean, it makes sense because you "drop the e when you add ing"

Anyways, no, I am not here to have a conversation about how to spell -- though I do love a grammar lesson every now and again ...

I found a bedding. The bonus is that my boyfriend likes it too.

All right, the image won't upload ... so you can see it here. It's pretty. All I have to do is wait for a sale now ...

*UPDATE* Aha! I fixed the issue. How? I'm awesome (andfullofit!) 

And of course, image from West Elm.


  1. You got Brian to join the blogging world did ya?

    And those sheets are nice!!

    And as for eying, its just like dye and dying!

  2. Haha yesss. He's tried once already (in 2009) but it didn't really take off ... I think this will stick! Sheets? It's a duvet cover silly.

  3. It's all the same to me!


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