Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Holidays Roll Around

When I was growing up my parents would give me and my brother a movie for Christmas Eve. We always got to open 1 present each Christmas Eve and it would just so happen that it would always be a movie. (Hmm, coincidence?) Then me and my brother would have to choose who got to watch their movie that evening! Well one Christmas I received a movie called The Santa Clause, and ever since then it's been my favourite Christmas movie ever.

Six years later they made a second one, and you know I was excited! Then four years after that they made a third one! I don't own the second or third one yet (I totally should! Not sure why I don't!)

Well Sunday night I was sitting on the couch after a long day on my feet (work) and what-do-ya-know, The Santa Clause 2 comes on TV! Well, I was excited! I was going to go to bed after it was over and oh-look, The Santa Clause 3 is on as well. It just made my night. So, Tim Allen, when does the fourth one come out?

All three images found on IMDB.

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